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2013年よりヒューマンアカデミー 京都校ヘアメイク学科にて着付けの授業を担当。

Hitomi Ito is a kimono stylist, kimono model and creator of a kimono lifestyle.
She was born as the first child at Ryōsokuin where the temple is a sub-temple within Kenninji Temple, located in Gion in Kyōto. She was grown up in a peaceful and healing atmosphere.
At grandfather’s Buddhist memorial service day, she saw elegantly attired monks recited a sutra. That had a big impact and impressive on her and served as a starting point for her interest in a kimono dressing.
In 2008, she has obtained a teaching certificate at Nishijin Textile Industry Association and got a qualification for a bridal kimono dressing, Geisha and Maiko dressing.
She biased her activities as a kimono stylist and a designer of kimono articles and accessories in Gion in Kyoto.
In 2013, she has worked as the lecturer of a kimono dressing in the makeup and hair specialist course at Human Academy Co., Ltd.
In October 2015, she moved to Tokyo for new challenge.
In April 2016, she opened a private salon called “enso” in Shirogane, Tokyo.
She also works on a kimono styling on magazines and TV and joins kimono events, talk show and artworks in Japan and international. Her activates are familiar existence for a kimono lifestyle. She will further expand her activities through a kimono.
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